Sunday, 8 December 2013

17th Birthday Cake.

Let's take a step away from the fact that it is Christmas in just 17 days and discuss a different birthday. I made this birthday cake this week with a slightly festive theme in mind - the blue and white (aka I was asked to make it at short notice and had to use whatever I had in my cupboard, which happened to only be blue and white icing), but I think it worked out quite well in the end. I covered the cake in an ivory icing which I had rolled over one of my lace impressions mat to get the swirly floral pattern and brushed with rejuvenator to make the design stand out. I then made a light blue rose accompanied by seven hydrangea flowers in the shape of a '17', all stuck down with edible glue.

Inside was a normal sponge cake with homemade vanilla buttercream and a slither of apricot jam, which I personally love but I know it's not for everyone so I decided not to put too much in. Of course, no cake of mine would be complete without a spritz of pearl lustre spray.

The flowers on this cake could easily be substituted for snowflakes and the floral icing for something slightly more festive.

17 DAYS TO GO! Cakesfordorothy xoxo


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