Saturday, 17 November 2012

Standard Sponge Or Chocolate Sponge Cake Recipe.

I am planning a number of posts about themed cakes I have made for friends' birthdays. However first, I thought it's important to show you what recipe I used to make the actual cake. I have adapted this over the years and now I think I have perfected it so I use this every single time I make a cake.


6oz/170g of margarine (I use the brand 'Stork')
6oz/170g of caster sugar
3 eggs
6oz/170g of self-raising flour
2 tsps of vanilla extract


1. Blend the margarine in a large mixing bowl with an electric whisk until pale.
2. Add the caster sugar and combine thoroughly.
3. Crack one egg in a cup or bowl to ensure there are no shells (if there are, simply scoop them out with a spoon).
4. Put the egg into the sugar and margarine and mix.
5. Repeat this with the other two eggs, ensure you crack and mix them individually.
6. Add the self-raising flour and FOLD in using a wooden or metal spoon.
7. Add the vanilla essence.
8. Pour batter into a greased cake tin.
9. Bake on the middle shelf of the oven.

To grease the cake tin you must line it with a thing layer of butter as a sort of adhesive and then either tap flour around the tin or stick greaseproof/parchment paper inside. You can also buy cake tin liners which make removal of the cake easier.

Baking times vary from oven to oven but it shouldn't be any less than 20 minutes. Ensure the cake is golden brown and use a cake tester/knife/fork (I actually use a fondue stick that came with a set which works just as well) to test whether the cake is baked all the way through. Insert it into various points, when you pull it out of the cake it should be clean. If not, put it back in the oven and test it again in 5 or so minutes. Never open the door of the oven before 20 minutes, the cake will not rise properly if you do.

If you are looking for a chocolate sponge cake, the recipe is exactly the same except you substitute 1oz/30g of self-raising flour for cocoa powder (i.e. use 5oz/140g of self-raising flour and 1oz/30g of cocoa powder).



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