Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Quick Festive Haul.

After Monday's post (if you missed it click here), I just couldn't help going to my local cake decorating supplies shop and getting a few bits and bobs for my cupcakes so here's what I picked up...

I purchased a few packs of icing in the most festive colours I have ever laid eyes on. The brown is for Christmas pudding/Rudolph, then you can probably guess that the red is possibly for a Santa or Santa hat and the green is mainly for some form of Christmas tree (I don't want to give too much away).
I am so pleased with these holly and snowflake cutters. They're quite pricey but I truly think they're worth it when you see how well these cutters work. I'm also really excited that T K Maxx are now selling this brand of cutters, hallelujah! The holly is for the top of Christmas pudding or just holly in general and I'll be looking to use the snowflake on my baubles.
I'm also running out of my pearl lustre spray which is my holy grail item, I literally cannot recommend it enough. There is nothing (that I have yet discovered) that doesn't look even better with a spray of this over. I think it'll be really great for my baubles this year to give them a more shiny look - just like a real bauble. 

21 DAYS TO GO! Cakesfordorothy xoxo


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