Friday, 3 May 2013

Les Miserables Birthday Cake.

Today I made this birthday cake for my friend (the same friend as the rubber duck cake and harry potter cake, it has become a tradition for me to make her a birthday cake). She's been to see Les Mis at the cinema 4 times so far and has just ordered the DVD so I think it's safe to say she's obsessed - this made it extremely easy for me to choose the theme of her cake for this year. Said friend also runs a wonderful beauty and fashion blog and you can look forward to seeing her guest blog on here with a chocolate Battenberg in the next few weeks!
Initial design
I made a chocolate cake in a square tin, covered the top in blue, white and red buttercream, built a barricade out of twirl chocolate and decorated with writing icing. 
Then to top it off, I added a French flag at the top of the barricade. VIVE LA FRANCE! 

Cakesfordorothy xoxo

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