Friday, 6 December 2013

My Favourite Chocolate Truffles.

I really do love making these all year round, but especially at Christmas. I find they're great if you suddenly realised you've forgotten to buy someone a present or if you're not sure what to buy for someone and I also love making them as after-dinner. These chocolate truffles are quick, easy, delicious and will go down a treat!


125g plain chocolate
2 tbsp of your choice of liquor (optional)
40g unsalted butter
55g icing sugar
55g ground almonds
cocoa powder for dusting (optional)


1. Put the plain chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and melt, make sure you stir it regularly so chocolate doesn't burn.
2. Carefully remove form the heat and stir in your choice of liquor (I like to use rum).
3. Beat in the butter, sugar and almonds until thoroughly combined.
4. Shape the mixture into balls, I usually use 1 tsp per truffle to ensure they are all of a similar size. This recipe should make on average 18 but it depends on how big or small you make them.
5. If you are going to dust them with cocoa then spread some cocoa powder onto a plate and simply roll the truffles around in it until they are coated all over. Be careful not to put too much cocoa powder on them as this can make them very bitter and have an almost furry texture. An alternative decoration, which I prefer, is melting some chocolate and either dipping them in or drizzling it over them. I would advise refrigerating them for a while before and after doing this.

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