Friday, 4 January 2013

The Photo Cookbook - Quick & Easy (iTunes 12 days of Christmas gift).

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I may be making a completely wrong assumption here but if you are into baking then there is a great chance you'll be into cooking too. If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad etc you may or may not be aware of iTunes' 12 days of Christmas offer. Everyday of Christmas, iTunes are giving away a free gift. Be it a music video, a game, a book but today they are offering an app which gives you some delicious looking recipes with pictures to guide you along. Sadly, this only includes the 'Quick & Easy' section of the app which has meat, fish, vegetarian and dessert recipes.
There are also a 4 free recipes from the Italian, Asian and most importantly the Baking section but in order to unlock all of them you must pay £1.99 per section. This might be a good idea if you like the look of the 'ghosted-out' recipes. 
The layout of the recipes is very similar to a 'Bake with me' series I was planning. The first ever time I baked a cake I was really worried about how the mixture should look at each stage of the process and I thought it would be useful if I posted recipes that included pictures of this. Keep a look out for these posts soon! There are also quite a few recipes from this app that I'm really looking forward to trying out, especially the no-bake chocolate fudge cake, chocolate orange pots and feta & olive scones so I'll mention that it's from the app if I feature them in a post.

In order to get this app for free you must download the iTunes 12 days of Christmas app (it is in the top free apps in the app store) and follow the steps from there.


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