Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Product Review: Edible Food Pen.

I recently bought this edible food pen from a local cake decorating shop. I was looking for writing icing but they didn't stock any and the lady directed me to this instead. It has two nibs; one is felt-tip style (2.5mm) and the other is like a fine liner (0.5mm). It is just like any normal pen that you would use for writing, you do not need to squeeze it or do anything special. Just write.
2.5mm - felt tip
0.5mm - fine liner
I bought the colour 'royal blue' as the icing I used to make a special cake was a peachy/pinky colour. I felt that it contrasted with the icing enough to be seen but complimented it enough to look good. I really liked using the thicker end as the 0.5mm nib seemed to engrave into the icing, even when writing lightly, and clogging up the nib.
2.5mm nib above, 0.5mm nib below
I practised writing on some left over icing before proceeding onto the actual cake (I highly recommended it) and soon realised that the icing must be left to harden before writing on it otherwise the pen will take the icing with it. The pen dries very quickly and doesn't smudge but the 0.5mm nib leaked all over my hands (I'm not sure if that's just a fault with my pen in particular)! It may also be of interest to you that this product is GM free, Kosher and suitable for vegetarians.
Appearance-wise, I'm satisfied but I feel that writing icing is much better. I think this product would be better suited for writing on cookies or drawing on marzipan, not writing on large cakes. The colour is very pigmented, though, which I like. However, I am looking forward to using this pen again and finding the best ways to use it.

Cakesfordorothy xoxo

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