Saturday, 30 March 2013

Creme Egg Muffins.

I can't believe how easy these were to make in comparison to how effective they look! After eating a mini creme egg, I suddenly had a brainwave that I could make it in cake form...


1. Bake your bog-standard chocolate muffin.
2. When completely cool, slice a thin layer off the top and scoop some muffin out of the middle. The amount you scoop out depends on how much filling you want.
3. Make a very thick icing (using icing sugar, water and a little vanilla essence) and refrigerate for an hour.
4. Remove icing from the fridge and transfer a small amount to fill half an egg cup (this was the right amount to do 14 cakes) and stir in some yellow or orange food colouring.
5. Take your muffins and fill the hole with the white icing only. If you put the yellow icing on top at this stage, it will merge into the white and be less effective.
6. Refrigerate for a further hour.
7. Take them out of the fridge and then put a blob of the yellow icing on top of the white icing.
8. This is optional but I was planning on putting the tops back on them and coating them with melted chocolate to make them even more like a creme egg. However, I was so pleased with how they turned out I decided not to hide the inside. For serving I simply placed the tops back on and told my 'taste-testers' to take them off before eating.

Enjoy and have a very Happy Easter!
Cakesfordorothy xoxo


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