Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cupcake Decorating.

It seems like forever since I clicked that 'new post' button and started typing but I think I'm back from my hiatus. Since my last post I've been busy with work experience, then a party (which I made a tonne of cakes for and then lost all the pictures of them) and before I knew it I was off to Uganda on a mini community project holiday. It took me about a week to recover from that and settle back into everyday life (it was more of a culture shock coming home than going out there) but this week I got back into my usual baking routine.

My auntie recently went on a cake decorating course and as I was staying at hers this week, we spent a lot of time practising her new skills and evidently passing them on to me. For the first cupcakes we added Sugarflair's Dusky Pink to the buttercream and for the second bunch we added a small amount of Grape Violet from the same brand. I highly recommend these food colourings because, although they are more expensive, you only need to use a tiny bit to get great results which means they last a really long time. We finished the cupcakes off with silver/pearl balls and various sprinkles which are readily available at most supermarkets.
Left - normal piping pattern, right - rose piping pattern
Today I attended a vintage cupcake decorating course at a local cake craft shop. I am absolutely astounded by the results and will be doing more in-depth tutorials on how to create the various decorations in the near future.


CakesforDorothy xoxo

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